Public assembly projects are complex, high-profile projects.  Building codes are written for the most common types of structures.  They do not always address clearly the issues of a one-of-a-kind building type (at least within a given jurisdiction) like a convention center, arena or airport.

Typically, one may find one or two dozen consultants on such a project.  Since many public assembly projects are funded by governmental bodies, there is usually pressure to hire local professionals.  It is not unusual that resident professionals may not have direct, relevant project experience for this building type.  Typically, the previous project may have been 15 to 20 years prior.  Those who performed the prior design may have moved on to other interests or retired.

McCleskey Consulting, Inc.  was founded to provide assistance to those professionals whether they are architects, engineers, contractors or facility owners.  The fundamental question is,  “What services do you provide?”  The answer is,  “Whatever it takes to help the team be successful!”  Getting to the answer quicker is economical.  Everyone feels more successful when they can see a profit from their work.  Some of the things that help are:

  • Review of  space requirements for mechanical, electrical and plumbing/fire protection (MEP) systems
  • Assist in setting schematic  design criteria
  • Exhibitor utility  floorboxes and specialty outlets design
  • Evaluate  impact of design  on Operations Department
  • Assist in  value engineering  of MEP systems
  • Assist in  partnering  with the project team
  • Review of  progress drawings and specifications
  • Peer review of documents
  • Review of  costs  based on historical unit costs
  • Assist in the process of  LEED™ certification